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Sometimes when one door closes, another opens...finally. Still waiting?

Here are just some of the tools in our arsenal.  Let’s make it happen!

mirror-sfsCredit Restoration
   • Rebuilding Personal Credit
   • Credit Profile Enhancement
   • ID Theft Restoration and Protection
Unsecured Loans:
     • Unsecured Personal Loans up to $200k - $250K
     • Unsecured Business Loans up to $500k-$20M
Corporate Financial Services:
     • Set Up / Structuring and Corporate Credit
     • Credit Profiles w/D&B and min 80 Paydex
     • Funding up to $1M and more
     • Funding for startups, expansions and equipment
     • Asset Protection
     • Personal Credit Protection
     • Large Green Project Funding
     • Commercial Funding
Real Estate Services:
• Mortgage Audits
• Residential and Commercial Hard Money Loans
Other Services:

• Website building and SEO with GEO-Targeting

• Investments with high returns and strong security

• Financial service for your client’s retail purchases; you get paid up front, they have an easy-pay finance plan.

• Videos for E-mails, Facebook, Website or Presentations

• Cloud Storage for your backups

• Extra Income and Career Income

• Self-directed 401k Retirement Funds

• Business Plans, PPMs, Exec. Summaries

• Private Money Investors

• Asset Protection

• Debt Settlement

• and more


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