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SFS is a Financial Concierge Service.  So, what is that?
We are an independent consulting company, not a lender, and entirely separate from any of our lenders or service providers.  SFS is experienced and has been in business since 2007.  We have relationships and resources that have been verified and known to be dependable so that we can keep you safe and on track. Our goal is to help you meet your goal. We are not obligated to promote any one lender over another, and we explain the Benefits, Advantages and Limitations of all services available. It is essential that you feel comfortable with the well-considered choices you ultimately make.

Our primary objective is to get you the financial services you need. We frequently combine offers, when the amount extended by the first lender, is less than needed. We can even refer you to lending sources and credit services outside the standard financing network. We do not charge you for our time, our consultations or our recommendations. We actually save you time, money and disappointment. We smooth out the bumpy road ahead, standing by you with every step you take. Think of us less as customer service, and more like partners. Our only goal, is to help you reach yours.

There's no collateral required, you don't have to be a homeowner to be eligible, and you're not obligated to accept any offer we may secure on your behalf. We are here for everyone across the board.

We meet you right where you are, and take you to where ever you want to go.
Solid Funding Solutions, Inc.'s Information: Our financing and credit options are available to those in the United States of America. Take advantage of our lending solutions from $5,000 to $500,000 or more. We have lenders on hand to fund you or your business, to assist you in paying off bills, debt consolidation or even out your cash flow situation. Our lending programs are available to those with excellent, good, sometimes even bad or no credit. We will check your credit without a hard pull, to qualify for some kinds of financing. If we can put you in a position to raise your credit score and improve your options, we will offer you that choice. 


►Personal Loans:
At you can apply, borrow and compare loans at the best interest rates and most affordable repayment options. There are no hard credit pulls and no obligations to accept a loan that's not right for you. All of our loans are made and funded by direct lenders. Your confidential information is always 100% safe and secure.

►Business Loans:
Small Business Loans: We will assist you in meeting all your business loan financing and lending solutions. Use the proceeds for business working capital, business expansion or growth, or debts, we have a wide variety of business loan options. Contact an SFS staff member now to find out more about our financing programs.

Start-Up Business Loans: Ever dream of owning your own business? We'll assist you in reaching your dreams of starting up a new business with a loan up to $100,000, $200,000 or more, as quickly as possible. We understand that sometimes a window of opportunity is not always open.

Business Lines of Credit: This is a wonderful option for existing businesses looking to improve cash flow situation, expand your business and more. We can help you to get the Unsecured Business Line of Credit or Factoring Loan you need wired to your business bank account.




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